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Chapter 1 – Boba

Monkey Somersault

Sanskrit: Chakrasana

Pronounced: “Shah-krahs-anna”

On a seemingly ordinary morning in the Tanzanian rainforest, Chimp wakes up, but something is wrong. His little monkey body is hurting terribly, and when he tries to stretch as he usually does, his monkey sleepystretch is completely gone.

Sleepystretch of the day:

Monkey Somersault

  1. Namasté
  2. Start in a squat position, hold your hands out in front of you
  3. Hold your palms facing the sky and tuck your chin to your chest
  4. Make sure that your back is rounded as you fall back onto it
  5. Push with your hands and shoulders as you roll backwards
  6. Land on your feet and find your balance
  7. In your own time, get back up
  8. Namasté

Doublestretch of the day:

Silent Twin Jumps

  1. Namasté.
  2. Let´s get down so your hands and feet are in the mat.
  3. Get up on your tippy toes and bend in your legs.
  4. Take 3 small jumps getting ready for the big one.
  5. Be strong in your arms, take a high jump and see if you silently can land right behind your hands.
  6. Roll back up.
  7. Namasté.

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