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Chapter 10 – Emma

Seal Pose

Sanskrit: Bhujangasana (variation)

Pronounced: “Buh-djan-gahs-anna”

Is it dangerous to be freezing a lot, and can you drink salt water?
Meet the seal, Emma, who becomes the heroine of the day when our monkeys end up in an ice cold predicament.


The seal

  1. Come down and lie on your stomach.
  2. Place your hands next to your shoulders.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles and use your back to lift your chest.
  4. From here, stretch your arms as much as you can without overstretching your elbows so that your entire abdomen lifts off the mat.
  5. Pull your chest forward and up and stretch your neck.
  6. Hold the position for 5-6 breaths or as long as you can.
  7. Repeat a few times if necessary.
  8. Can you say like a seal?

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