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Chapter 13 – Gerda

Lizard Pose

Sanskrit: Utthan Pristhasana

Pronounced: “U-tan pri-stahs-anna”

You can get a rough start and still get the most out of it.
The swimming lizard, Gerda, shows us the path in this chapter and teaches Chimp & Sweet about Zen, pancakes, and backstrokes in the Dutch capital.


The lizard

  1. Get up in your dog pull as day 1.
  2. Walk your right foot forward between your hands and crawl your foot out to the edge of the mat so your foot is slightly further out than your shoulder.
  3. Lower your back knee down to the mat and let your hips sink heavily down and forward. Make sure your front sole is completely in the mat, including the heel.
  4. Leave both hands in the mat on the inside of the right foot and now start moving your hands further forward in front of the foot.
  5. Now lower your forearms against the mat or onto a pair of blocks or books.
  6. Let the chest pull forward so that you lengthen the spine, pull the shoulders back and the shoulder blades together so that you do not round the back too much.
  7. Let the right knee pull in toward the center of the mat so you feel the inner thigh working.
  8. If you can, place the toes of the left foot in the mat and lift the knee up. Let the left heel push back to activate the entire leg.
  9. Stay in position for 5-6 breaths. Get back to the dog stretch, walk a little on the spot and then repeat with opposite legs in front.

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