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Chapter 15 – Katinka

Pigeon Pose

Sanskrit: Ardha kapotasana

Pronounced: “Arh-dah kah-poh-tahs-anna”

Deadly popcorn, carrier pigeons, and top-secret messages.
It can almost only end up with a German pfannkuchen party. Hold on tight!



  1. Came from sitting to all four as in Cat / cow from day 2.
  2. Send your right knee forward behind your right hand and move your right foot to behind your left hand with your entire lower leg in the mat.
  3. Stretch the left leg far back. Set if necessary. toes in the mat to spare the back knee.
  4. Let the front of the hips be as parallel as possible.
  5. Carefully move your arms forward in front of you and place your upper body down over your front legs.
  6. Place the forehead on the mat, on your hands or on a block or rug.
  7. Try to relax your body so that it sinks further and further down.
  8. Hold the position for 5-6 breaths.
  9. Carefully get out of position and repeat with opposite legs in front.

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