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Chapter 23 – Victoria

Elf Pose

Sanskrit: Vīrabhadrāsana 3

Pronounced: “Veer-ah-bah-drahs-anna”

Should you be too proud and stubborn to accept help?
The time travel continues to the magical Irish elf forest, where the miracles never end.



  1. Get up and stand on the front of the mat. Reach both arms above your head and while relaxing your shoulders.
  2. Focus on a point that is not moving, e.g. a stain on the floor or a toy.
  3. Tighten your right thigh and place emphasis on your right foot while gently lifting your left foot back slightly.
  4. Now slowly begin to lift your hind legs further back and up horizontally while lowering your upper body and arms correspondingly horizontally while tensing your abdomen.
  5. Find the balance and stretch your body as long as you can.
  6. Stay in position 5-6 breaths.
  7. Get out of position and repeat on opposite legs.

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