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Chapter 26 – Hugo

Clown Pose

Sanskrit: Salamba sirsanana

Pronounced: “Sah-lam-bah sirh-sahs-anna”

Can you lose your precious smile?
Come along to the City of Light, where clowning, magic, balloon animals, and banana splits are part of the French clown’s menu.


The clown

  1. Sit on your lower legs and place your hands on the mat shoulder-width apart so that your fingers point away from your body.
  2. Place the head in the mat in front of the hands so that the hands and head form a triangle like the legs of a stool, the forearms are vertical and the elbows point towards the thighs.
  3. Push your shoulders away from your ears and lift your knees so that you have your toes in the mat.
  4. Start walking your feet closer to your hands and if you can, place your knees up on your upper arms.
  5. Keep your back vertical and push your shoulders away from your ears.
  6. Stay standing for 5-10 breaths.
  7. Gently lower yourself again and lie down in the child’s position for a moment.
  8. You may want to put a pillow or blanket under your head, stand up against a wall, or have a helper next to you.

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