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Chapter 28 – Sagira

Camel Pose

Sanskrit: Uṣṭrāsana

Pronounced: “Oosh-trahs-anna”

Are you born for something special?
Come along to Egypt, where the newborn Sagira turns out to be the monkey’s rescuer and where fate plays a trick on Chimp and Sweet.

Starting on all fours, put your hands firmly in the mat just below your shoulders.
Put your toes in the mat and press your hips up and back.
Push back and stretch the legs so the heels come down and the arms are strong.
Keep the dog stretch as long as you can.
You can smile a little with your tail while saying like a dog.
You can lift one leg and the dog pee up from a lamp post. </ span >
Can you reach the ground with the snout and sniff out a criminal?

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