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Chapter 5 – Noah

Lion Pose

Sanskrit: Siṁhāsana

Pronounced: “Sim-hahs-anna”

What is the deal with the mala around Sweet’s wrist – is it only for decoration?
In Africa, miracles are happening on the savannah as a whole herd of lions is in grave danger, and Chimp finds completely new inner energies.

Sleepystretch of the day:

Lion Pose

  1. Namasté.
  2. Get down on your knees and spread them apart.
  3. Place your hands in the mat and carefully twist them around.
  4. Take a deep breath and push your chest forward.
  5. Roar like a lion with your tongue sticking out and look high into the sky.
  7. In your own time get back up.
  8. Namasté.

Doublestretch of the day:

Twisting Twins

  • Namasté.
  • Have a seat opposite of each other and cross your legs.
  • Now reach your right arms high into the sky, twist your bodies and grab a hold at your partner hip.
  • Now reach your left arms up, slide them behind your own backs and see if you can reach each others hands on the hips.
  • Straighten up your backs as much as you can
  • Twist your bodies and take a look over your own shoulders.
  • Take some deep nice breaths.
  • Let go of each other and slowly free yourselves. In your own time get back up and try the other way around.
  • Namasté.

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