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Chapter 8 – Zach

Horse Pose

Sanskrit: Utkata Konasana

Pronounced: “Oot-kah-tah cone-ahs-anna”

Wild horses and dangerous rocks falling – we need magic again! Join us on a journey to Australia, where the beauty reaches new heights, and new friendships are formed.

Sleepystretch of the day:

Horse Pose

  1. Namasté.
  2. Place your feet on the mat with a comfortable distance and twist your toes away from your body.
  3. Take a deep breath and when you exhale slowly bend in your knees.
  4. Now lift your strong forelegs and steep like a wild horse.
  5. Take a deep breath and enjoy.
  6. Stretch your legs and bring your feet back together.
  7. Namasté.

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