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Chapter 12 – Hans

Hare Pose

Sanskrit: Shashankasana

Pronounced: “Sha-shan-kahs-anna”

If you are often told that you are not good at anything, you will often end up believing it.
Join our monkeys as they travel to snow-covered Sweden and meet the lonely hare Hans with the remarkable feet.


Has a

  1. From sitting, you come about and sit on your lower legs with your buttocks on your heels.
  2. Keep your knees together and lean your upper body down over your legs.
  3. Send your arms down along the sides to touch your heels.
  4. Stay seated or roll up on top of your head as your buttocks lift off your heels.
  5. Keep holding on to your heels.
  6. Sit for 5-6 breaths and slowly get back on your heels. Then scroll up to sitting again.

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