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Chapter 19 – Chen

Lotus Pose

Sanskrit: Padmāsana

Pronounced: “Pod-mahs-anna”

Who decides what beauty is?
A chapter with a bottom full of thorns, mala magic, burn marks, and scattered roots. Come along to China and meet the wise lotus flower, Chen.



  1. Sit down.
  2. Bend the right leg and take the foot to the inside of the left elbow, sending the right arm around the leg so that the knee enters the elbow, holding the leg as if you are holding a baby.
  3. Lift the right lower leg up towards the chest and keep the spine long and you do not round the loin too much.
  4. Swing the leg back and forth a few times as when rocking a baby and let the hip move.
  5. Now place the right heel as high up against the left groin as you can and let the knee point down towards the ground.
  6. Take your left foot off the floor and pull it in front of your right knee. let the foot stay here in half lotus or
  7. Grasp the left lower leg and slide the foot as high up against the right groin as you can.
  8. Make your back long by lifting your chest up towards the sky
  9. Place your hands on your thighs with your palms facing up in Jnana Mudra where your thumb and forefinger touch each other.
  10. Hold the position for as long as it feels comfortable, the first few times a few seconds may be enough.
  11. Repeat with opposite legs at the top.

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