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Chapter 2 – Carlos, Angel & Mathilda

Downward facing dog

Sanskrit: Adho mukha svanasana

Pronounced: "Ah-doh moo-kah s hvah-nahs-anna"

Chimp experiences the cold for the first time in his life and meets the famous English tracking dog, Carlos. Sweet & Chimp are both hit by the talisman’s magic and get two new exciting friends on a farm in the USA.

Sleepystretch of the day:

Downward facing dog

  1. Namasté.
  2. Let´s get down on all fours.
  3. Place your toes in the mat and push your bottom upwards while stretching your legs.
  4. On your next inhale stretch your feet all the way up to your tippy toes and then exhale. slowly while you lower your heels to the mat
  5. Let´s do this a couple of times, now stretch your toes and exhale while lowering your
    heels onto the mat.
  6. One last time. deep inhale while stretching your foot and deep exhale while flexing In your own time, get back up.
  7. Namaste.

Doublestretch of the day:

Double Dog

  • Namasté.
  • One of the yogis turn around.
  • Take a deep bow both of you.
    The hind/back yogi finds the
  • The front yogi lifts one leg, stretches it and carefully puts the ankle on your
    partners hip.
  • Be strong in the arms and then lift the other foot and place it the same way.
  • Move your hands closer like this.
  • Take some deep breaths and put your feet down again, one at a time.
  • In your own time, get back up and try the other way around.
  • Namasté.

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