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Chapter 20 – Mayur

Peacock Pose

Sanskrit: Mayūrāsana

Pronounced: “My-yer-ahs-anna”

How can you know what courage is if nothing in life is dangerous?
Take part in a hectic day with our monkeys and the peacock, Mayur, as he discovers surprising new sides to himself.


The peacock

  1. Come down and sit on your heels with your knees wide to the sides.
  2. Lean your upper body forward and place your hands in the mat with your fingers turned towards your body (thumbs point to the sides).
  3. Bend your elbows slightly and let the outside of your hands and forearms touch each other.
  4. Now bend your elbows to a right angle and slide your knees out to the outside of your arms in front of your hands.
  5. Lean your upper body further forward so that you lie on your upper arms with your body and press your elbows deep into your abdomen or just below your navel. Try to keep your elbows together.
  6. Suck in the navel so that the abdomen tightens and presses against the elbows.
  7. Now lower your forehead to the floor.
  8. Stretch your knees and stretch your legs back behind your body.
  9. Tighten your buttocks and roll your shoulders slightly forward.
  10. Lift your head and look forward if you can (hold your forehead or cheek in the mat if necessary).
  11. Put the weight a little further forward, keep the tension in balls and legs and see if the legs can be lifted from the mat.
  12. Hold the position for 10 seconds or longer. Remember to breathe.
  13. Then lower your legs and head to the floor again. Bend your knees and lift your body up from your arms.

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