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Chapter 6 – Rebecca

Child Pose

Sanskrit: Bālāsana

Pronounced: “Bah-lahs-anna”

Are we as humans really that different from animals?
Today our monkeys meet humans for the first time, and that turns out to be quite exciting.

Sleepystretch of the day:

Child Pose

  1. Namasté.
  2. Let´s get down on all fours.
  3. Stretch your arms in front of you all the way out into your fingertips as far as you can, place your forehead in the mat and take deep breaths.
  4. Deep inhale and now place your arms along your body and let the shoulders sink while exhaling.
  5. Get back into your sitting position.
  6. In your own time, get back up again.
  7. Namasté.

Doublestretch of the day:

Twin Mirror

  • Namasté.
  • Turn side a side and have a distance so you can grab each others two forearms.
  • Now shoot your hips towards each other and let your heads fall to the sides.
  • Use the free arm to give yourself a soft stretch in your necks and breathe nice and slow.
  • Get back to the center.
  • Now shoot your hips the other way and let the free arm reach up and above your heads and reach each others hands.
  • In your own time, let go of your hands and try the other way around.
  • Namasté.

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