Why Yogizoo

Kids, parents, and institutions like Yogizoo because…

It is…

  • Easily accessible and user-friendly
  • Beneficial for everyone
  • Strengthens the community
  • Healthy indoor and outdoor activities
  • Affordable
  • A unique Danish designed educational tool

The Yogizoo kids feel

  • 90%
    experience higher body awareness
  • 55%
    have an increased focus on breathing and yoga in their daily lives
  • 65%
    feel more motivated to learn
  • 65%
    feel stronger
  • 85%
    have improved their balance
  • 70%
    have improved their flexibility
  • 50%
    have gotten new or better friends at school
  • 50%
    sleep better at night
  • 80%
    invent their very own sleepystretches

The parents say

  • 40%
    experience less conflicts at home during and after the Yogizoo course
  • 30%
    observed that the child's sleep patterns stabilized during the Yogizoo course
  • 85%
    join in and enjoy the fun sleepystretches
    and double stretches with their kids

Yogizoo strengthens the children's immune system