This is what a Yogizoo session looks like

30 minutes of zen with Chimp & Sweet

Part 1: Flow yoga

The children are guided through a fun yogaflow by our two monkeys, this routine will help them get stronger, more flexible and aware of their capabilities and progress during the 30 chapters.

Duration: 13 min

Part 2:The sleepystretch and doublestretch of the day

The children learn the special sleepystretch of the day and are challenged with a doublestretch requiring teamwork on the yoga mats.

Duration: 2 min

Part 3: Savasana and adventure

Today´s exciting chapter including sound therapy is enjoyed. Every chapter presents a new destination on the planet where the monkeys learn about different cultures and are taught the special sleepystretch of the day.

Duration: 15 min

Part 4: Explore indoor or outdoor

Enjoy the printable pdf-files for every chapter including questions, fun facts, beautiful quotes and all the guidelines for the yoga poses.

Online yoga for kids, combined with magic and storytelling

  • Feel the Zen at home and in the schools
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Explore the whole world and get wiser
  • Take a healthy break and lower the stress
  • Provide your 5-10 year-olds with the powerful tools of yoga

What are the benefits for children who do yoga?

An increasing number of children are unable to thrive and get stress-related symptoms.

The number has increased fivefold over the last 20 years.

Yogizoo provides the children with a variety of tools to cope with stress and anxiety.

Yoga works immediately – you will feel the change right away.

The parents and children say...

We love Yogizoo. And it helps Ludvig relax every Monday. We are definitely going to use it more at home.

Katalin Simon (social pedagogue)

Eddie really likes doing Yogizoo; he is looking forward to it every time and talks about it the night and the morning before going every week.

Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen (screenwriter / film director)

Ellinor is excited about the concept and the characters. “I wonder which one it is going to be next time, mom?” She is also happy to show the ‘moves’ she has just experienced and learned.

Janne Halling (Cand.mag)

Educators say ...

It helps the kids relax and provides a great body awareness. My class with 6 year-olds has a stronger community after enjoying Yogizoo.

Emilie Erdmann Kristensen (Pedagogue, pre-school teacher Zahle´s school)

The children relate to the various characters in the story and love to learn yoga. We use the Yogizoo programs outside as well and we all enjoy the creativity it brings when inventing our own crazy sleepystretches.

Johan Patrick Mckenna (Pedagogue, Zahle´s after school care)

Head of school, Helle Maibritt Thomassen says…

Implementing Yogizoo at Zahle´s elementary school and after-school care has been a delightful experience. Despite running 4 teams per week, the demand for purchasing more Yogizoo time is steadily increasing.

It’s a pleasure to watch and feel the children’s enthusiasm when it’s time for yoga, sleepystretches and adventures with Yogizoo. In a busy and noisy everyday they learn how to focus on their mind-body connection during the 30 chapters with the two monkeys Chimp and Sweet. They have improved their motor skills, flexibility and balance and love to invent all kinds of new sleepystretches. The social ties in the groups are also strengthened and new friendships are being made.

It’s important to emphasize that the parents also love Yogizoo and see it as a great upgrade to our reputable educational
systems at Zahle´s.

I use every opportunity to recommend that schools and institutions implement Yogizoo. It’s a fun and healthy tool to improve body-awareness and focus and it creates such a great feeling of zen among the children.

Helle Maibritt Thomassen

Zahles SFO Åbenskolen
Linnésgade 6
1361 Copenhagen K



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